I am an artist, designer, fabricator and craft enthusiast who creates custom furniture and objects using various mediums of wood, metal, textiles, ceramics, concrete and paint.

My Practice

I narrate my version of beauty through traditional practices of craft. I am a believer in handmade. I seek to transpose my craft skills into different contexts to give those practices a new vision. By mixing mediums of wood, metal, concrete, textiles, ceramics, dye and paint I aim to arrive at eclectic contemporary designs. 

Drawn towards surreal, organic shapes, I seek to create a fine balancing point between function and décor within my art-objects. Through experimenting with the natural properties of materials and distorting intuitive forms, I aim to create heightened experiences for the user of my designs.


2017-2019; Graduate studies @ OCADU

2012-2014; Furniture Design @ Sheridan

2011-2012; Cabinetmaking @ Humber

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